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Obama team raises $53 million in March: Video omits mention of major donors

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WASHINGTON--The Obama team raised about $53 million in March, with the proceeds funding the Obama for America campaign, the Obama Victory Fund, the Democratic National Committee, and the Swing States Victory Fund. The different funding streams all go towards the Obama/Biden re-election drive.

The web video released by the campaign on Monday only mentioned the grassroots donors as if its big major dollar donor operation didn't exist. That would be off message.

The Obama team has always been reluctant to tell the whole story when it comes to major fund-raising without some prodding. Having said that, let's compare to the Romney campaign: no disclosure of fund-raising events, no disclosure of bundlers and no pool reporter allowed in for even a portion of a fund-raiser featuring Romney.

My post here on Romney fund-raising in secret.

March Obama fund-raising highlights, as released by the campaign in the web video:

*190,000 first time donors. That's an important number because it shows that even with talk of an enthusiasm gap, the Obama team can bring in new blood. No breakdown on what states the donors are from.

*567,000 March donors

*97 percent of donations were $250 or less.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina in the video says, "We are all going to have to dig even deeper."

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