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Mitt's April 19, 2012 public schedule: Battleground Ohio

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Good morning,
Yesterday, President Obama said this election is going to come down to two competing visions for this country. Newsflash to President Obama: he laid out his vision at the Democrat convention in Denver three years ago and he failed by his own standards. We don't have to look very hard to see how his vision turned out. Americans have been living it for the past three years every time they fill up their gas tanks, can't get a job, their health insurance premiums go up ... This election will be about President Obama's record and Mitt Romney's vision.

WATCH Gov. Romney discuss how "we now have not just [President Obama's] words, but his record" on Fox and Friends.

The governor also made the point that he is going to be attacking problems, not people:

STEVE DOOCY: "Speaking of rhetoric, he had some fiery rhetoric pointed at you yesterday. He said 'unlike some people, I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.'"

MITT ROMNEY: "Well, you know, the President is really taking aim at anybody he can find these days. In fact, in my case, I'm certainly not going to apologize for my dad and his success in life. He was born poor. He worked his way to become very successful despite the fact that he didn't have a college degree, and one of the things he wanted to do was provide for me and for my brother and sisters. I'm not going to apologize for my dad's success, but I know the President likes to attack fellow Americans. He's always looking for a scapegoat, particularly those [who] have been successful like my dad, and I'm not going to rise to that. This is a time for us to solve problems. This is not a time for us to be attacking people, we should be attacking problems. And if I'm president, I will stop the attack on fellow Americans. I'll stop the attack on people and start attacking the problems that have been looming over this country."

Besides a failed record that he's trying to run from, President Obama isn't even pretending he has any ideas - aside from pure political gimmicks - to help the country. As the Wall Street Journal reports:

"On Tuesday President Barack Obama gave a speech about . . . nothing. ...

"Nowhere in his remarks did the President claim that speculation is doing any harm. He did not cite any negative impact on the oil market. He did not say that speculators are manipulating oil prices, nor did he describe in even the vaguest terms the individuals or institutions that might be involved. He didn't cite any research. Mr. Obama didn't even, well, speculate about whether oil prices would be higher or lower if not for unnamed actors who may or may not be affecting the markets."

Today, Gov. Romney campaigns in Ohio:

1:15 PM EDT Mitt Romney Holds Campaign Event in Lorain

And has the following interview:

8:45AM ET Fox's Fox and Friends
Taped TV Interview with WKYC (Cleveland, OH)
Taped TV Interview with WEWS (Cleveland, OH)
Taped TV Interview with WJW (Cleveland, OH)
Taped TV Interview with WOIO (Cleveland, OH)


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