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Hillary Rodham Clinton on replacing Biden: "Not going to happen," she tells CNN's Blitzer

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WASHINGTON--Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton regularly swats down talk of her replacing Joe Biden as President Obama's runningmate and she told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Wednesday it was a likely as her running in an Olympic marathon.

She made her remarks in a joint interview with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta from Brussels, where both of them were attending a meeting a NATO Headquarters in the run-up to the Chicago NATO Summit in May.

WOLF BLITZER, HOST: If the President of the United States says, Madam Secretary, I need you on the ticket this year in order to beat Romney, are you ready to run as his vice presidential running mate?

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, SECRETARY OF STATE: That is not going to happen. That's like saying if the Olympic Committee called you up and said are you ready to run the marathon, would you accept? Well, it's not going to happen.

BLITZER: I disagree.

CLINTON: Oh, well -

BLITZER: I think it is possible. It's unlikely. You will say that -

CLINTON: It's more than unlikely.

BLITZER: If he needs - if he sees in July that he's going down, he doesn't want to be a one-term president.

CLINTON: But he's - but this - you know, Leon and I are in this awkward position, because we were - we've both been in politics, and now we're in two jobs that are out of politics for the - all the right reasons. So I don't comment on politics any more.

But I'm very confident about the outcome of this election, and as I've said many times, I think, you know, Joe Biden, who's a dear friend of ours, has served our country and served the president very well, so I'm out of politics, but I'm very supportive of the team that we have in the White House going forward.

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