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Chicago NATO Summit: Local officials claim worth $128 million in business

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The Chicago Host Committee released a study on Monday claiming the May NATO Summit will bring $128 million to the city. Sun-Times reporters Abdon M. Pallasch and Fran Spielman have the story HERE.

Does the study portray an overly robust scenerio? Perhaps. If all goes well, Chicago's reputation could well be globally enhanced. If protestors cause trouble, it's another story--one the folks who did the study wanted to ignore.

The 15-page study states: "In addition to the quantitative impacts described in this report, Chicago is likely to experience other,less tangible effects from the Summit. These include immediate and long term international attention, reinforcement of Chicago's brand as a world class city, and elevation of Chicago's role as host for future global events. At an international event of this scale, protests or other unscheduled disruptions may also occur, which could result in mixed media attention; however, the value of exposure is difficult to estimate reliably and was not within the scope of this analysis."

Read the Deloitte study...


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