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SuperTuesday Romney message to Santorum: You can't win

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from Andrea Saul, Romney communications chief...

Happy Super Tuesday,
Today, Gov. Romney votes in the Massachusetts primary - how will he fare where people know him best versus Speaker Gingrich in Georgia and Sen. Santorum in neighboring Ohio? Speaker Gingrich won't vote today in his home-state of Virginia but, assume, since Sen. Santorum supported Gov. Romney four years ago that he will cast his ballot for Mitt there today - thanks, Senator.

Democrats continue to push "Operation Hilarity" to have Obama supporters vote for "anyone but Romney," even going as far as running ads in various states. It's clear the last thing the White House wants is to face Mitt Romney in a general election but would love to go up against our competitors.

As Sen. Santorum holds his final OH event in Steubenville, I thought you'd be interested to see what a ballot there actually looks like - see attached and below for a sample missing Sen. Santorum for Congressional District delegates.

Steubenville, Ohio ballot showing no district delegate for Santorum is Steubenville_Precinct_One.pdf

And, for a little fun ... SUPER TUESDAY BY THE NUMBERS:

Alaska: 1 - candidate has visited Alaska, Ron Paul.
Georgia: 20 - number of years Newt Gingrich represented GA.
Idaho: 0 - number of public polls conducted in ID (or maybe I just gave up looking too soon).
Massachusetts: 4 - number of years Mitt Romney governed MA.
North Dakota: 0 - number of times I've been to North Dakota (I know, riveting, right?).
Ohio: 2 -decades Santorum represented the state next door in Washington.
Oklahoma: 4 - number of times that song went through my head while I was trying to decide what to type here.
Tennessee: 21 - point poll lead Santorum had just a week ago.
Virginia: 46 -delegates at stake tomorrow in Sen. Santorum and Speaker Gingrich's now home-state.
Vermont: 2 - candidates listed as from "Virginia" on this ballot.

As for the Gov. Romney's Schedule, today, he is voting in Massachusetts:

9:20 AM EST Satellite Address to the AIPAC National Policy Conference
5:15 PM EST Mitt Romney Votes in Massachusetts Primary, Belmont, MA
9:30 PM EST Mitt Romney Attends Super Tuesday Event in Boston

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