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Santorum on CNN pressed on why he did not file full Illinois delegate slate

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CNN's Candy Crowley pressed Rick Santorum on her Sunday show on why he failed to run a full slate of delegates in the Tuesday Illinois primary, putting him behind on the get-go and raising questions about his effectiveness as a manager.

The campaigns of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul all mastered the intricate rules for getting delegates on the Illinois ballot. The Santorum campaign filed for only 44 of the 54 elected delegate slots.

Santorum blamed lack of resources for an answer--though the Gingrich and Paul Illinois campaigns were also operating on a shoestring at filing time. Santorum also tried to reframe the question and pivot to why Romney--with all his campaign resources--has not been able to get his nomination "cemented away."

Crowley: So when we look at Illinois, you are ineligible for 10 of the 69 delegates that are at stake on Tuesday, because you didn't file enough signatures.

Santorum: ...We didn't have any of the resources that any of these other candidates had, and yet because of our organizational ability, our ability to take limited resources and turn them into votes and winning 10 states, that's amazing, with the fact that we've been outspent over 10 :1 just in our campaign and with the super PAC, more than 10:1.

And here we are. The real question you should ask, Candy, is Governor Romney, why with tens and hundreds of millions of dollars hasn't he been able to do anything to get this nomination even close to cemented away.

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