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Romney in Missouri today, in advance of Saturday vote

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While Alabama and Mississippi vote today--southern states that are tough for Mitt Romney--he moves on to stump in the more fertile Missouri, which has a vote on Saturday. Romney spokesman Andrea Saul argues that no matter what happens in the south on Tuesday, Romney has a delegate lead that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich can't beat.

Romney's three tv interviews in St. Louis today are in a market which beams over to southern Illinois across the Mississippi River and can serve two purposes: the Illinois primary is next Tuesday.

From Saul...

Today is another election day and yet another day that our opponents will be unable to make up the ground needed to get to 1,144 delegates. Gov. Romney looks to pick up additional delegates in Hawaii and American Samoa. And, from public polling, it seems as if in Alabama and Mississippi the candidates will split the vote, and, thus the delegates, three ways with no one candidate being able to cut in to Gov. Romney's already large delegate lead and march to the nomination.

Sen. Santorum has recently taken to arguing that he will lose a majority of states but somehow magically win at the convention. This is pure fantasy, or vanity, or both. First of all, Sen. Santorum, couldn't put together a full slate of delegates in many states, and he outright failed to get on the ballot in others. The notion that he is somehow going to get our delegates to vote for him is pie in the sky. In the states with unbound delegates, projections of what Sen. Santorum will likely get are already baked into the current tally. He also argues that if only Newt Gingrich would drop out and the race become a two-person contest, his chances will increase - but that just means there are more delegates on the table for us to take and get to 1,144 faster.

As for Gov. Romney's schedule, he campaigns in Missouri today:

11:50 AM CDT Mitt Romney Holds Grassroots Event on Jobs and the Economy (St. Louis, Missouri)
5:00 PM CDT Caucus with Mitt Romney (Liberty, Missouri)

And has the following interviews:

Taped Television Interview with KTVI (St. Louis, Missouri)
Taped Television Interview with KMOV (St. Louis, Missouri)
Taped Television Interview with KSDK (St. Louis, Missouri)
4:05 PM CDT Radio Interview with WLS (Chicago - Rep. Peter Roskam hosting)
4:35 PM CDT Television Interview with Wolf Blitzer
Taped Television Interview with WDAF (Kansas City, Missouri)
Taped Television Interview with KMBC (Kansas City, Missouri)
Taped Television Interview with KSHB (Kansas City, Missouri)
Taped Television Interview with KCTV (Kansas City, Missouri)

We also have a press conference announcing Pennsylvania endorsements at 2:00pm EDT in Harrisburg, PA (East Rotunda, State Capitol Building).

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