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No holds: Biden taking direct jabs at Mitt in Iowa

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WASHINGTON--Vice President Joe Biden is in battleground Iowa on Wednesday to deliver--based on the excerpts released by the Obama re-election team--a series of jabs at probable GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Biden, in Davenport, will accuse Romney of being ""consistently wrong," well, on everything.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee is doing a pre-Biden speech hit with a morning conference call with RNC chair Reince Priebus and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa).

And in a new video--really a press release with pictures--the RNC ribs President Barack Obama over the tough second day of Supreme Court questioning over the challenge to his health care law.

More meanwhile: The Romney campaign is staying with the "hot mic" episode with President Obama in Seoul talking about Russia's incoming president Vladimir Putin. Romney wrote a column in Foreign Policy Magazine titled, "Bowing to the Kremlin: Why Obama's "Hot Mic" Diplomacy is Endangering America."

Click below for excerpts of Biden's speech....

below, from the Obama campaign....


CHICAGO, IL -- Today Vice President Biden will deliver remarks at PCT Engineered Systems in Davenport, Iowa on the President's efforts to create an economy that out-builds and out-innovates the rest of the world, while encouraging insourcing to bring jobs back to America. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, believes in an economy built on outsourcing, loopholes and risky financial deals that jeopardize our entire economy and threaten the security of the middle class. It's no surprise that Romney supported outsourcing both as Governor of Massachusetts and in his private business deals. He turned his back on American workers and doubled down on firms that make a profit by sending American jobs overseas.

The event is the third in a series of remarks that the Vice President will deliver in the coming weeks about the economy and the middle class that will frame the issues that will be at the core of the general election and the choice America will make in November about the future we want for this country.


I've come here today with a simple message: Manufacturing is coming back. And that's good news for America, and for America's middle class.

· 430,000 new manufacturing jobs since January 2010. More than 15,000 right here in the state of Iowa.

· Fastest growth since the 1990s.

After years of hearing about outsourcing, a new word has come into our vocabulary: insourcing. Jobs that left the United States are coming back. Plants that closed are opening, reinvented.


Ultimately it all comes down to the same question--the real question of this election, and the challenge of our time:

Will we be a country that values the role of workers in the success of a business, and values the middle class in the success of the economy?

Or will we go backward, to the same disastrous philosophy that rewarded speculators rather than builders?


Because to President Obama and me, rebuilding our manufacturing sector and rebuilding our country are one and the same.


Mitt Romney has been remarkably consistent -- as an individual investor, a businessman, as Governor of Massachusetts, and now as a candidate for President.

Remarkably consistent.

Consistently wrong.


When he was Governor of Massachusetts, he vetoed a bill passed by the Massachusetts legislature that would have stopped the state from outsourcing contracts overseas. That resulted in millions of dollars flowing to companies running call centers in India.

It's no surprise that Massachusetts was losing manufacturing jobs twice as fast as the rest of the country while Governor Romney was in charge. The third worst rate in the country.


We're both talking about tax cuts to manufacturers. The difference is: Our tax cuts go to companies that create jobs over here. Governor Romney's tax cuts go to companies that create jobs overseas.

It's fundamentally different philosophy from ours.


The Wall Street Journal wrote, and I'm quoting, "Romney appeared to scoff, first in Detroit, then in Florida, at the notion of manufacturing as a job engine for the future."

So look folks, we have a choice in this election:

Between our philosophy that believes manufacturing is central to our economy, and their philosophy that scoffs at it.

Between our philosophy that says there is nothing "out of touch" about fighting for the future of the middle class. And a philosophy that says if the folks at the top do well, that's good enough.


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