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Mitt Illinois ad hits Santorum, invokes Reagan

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CHICAGO--Mitt Romney's campaign on Friday announced a new ad in Illinois--in advance of the Tuesday primary--slamming chief rival Rick Santorum and invoking the name of Illinois native, former President Ronald Reagan.

Romney stumped at a restaurant in northwest suburban Rosemont early on Friday morning, not mentioning Santorum by name--but making a reference to him when he said President Obama was an economic light weight and the Republicans should not nominate an economic lightweight for president.

Meanwhile, the SuperPac backing Romney, Restore Our Future, is running a heavy ad buy in Illinois, with hits on Santorum--as a Washington insider, deficit riser--and even once voting in the Senate with Hillary Clinton when she was a senator.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie campaigns for Romney in Elmhurst later today.

below, from the Romney campaign...


Boston, MA - Romney for President today released a new television in Illinois titled "Wrong Choice." Rick Santorum's weakness is the economy and his economic plan has been criticized as the worst of all the GOP candidates. Mitt Romney has proposed the boldest plan since Ronald Reagan and has the leadership experience to lead our country.

To Watch "Wrong Choice" Please See:

Ad Facts: Script For "Wrong Choice" (TV:30)

VOICEOVER: "Who can turn around the economy and defeat Barack Obama?"

VIDEO TEXT: "Who Can Turn Around The Economy, Defeat Barack Obama?"

VOICEOVER: "Not Rick Santorum."

VIDEO TEXT: "Not Rick Santorum"

VOICEOVER: "Santorum's 'real weakness is the economy.'"

VIDEO TEXT: "Santorum's 'Real Weakness Is The Economy.'"

· MarketWatch Headline: "Santorum's Real Weakness Is The Economy" ("Santorum's Real Weakness Is The Economy," MarketWatch, 2/29/12)

VOICOEVER: "He's never run a business or a state."

VIDEO TEXT: "Santorum's Never Run A Business, Never Run A State"

VOICOEVER: "His plan: 'economic illiteracy,' 'inexcusable,' 'the worst idea' of any GOP candidate."

· Tax Foundation's Will McBride: Santorum's proposal "may be the worst idea of any of the Republican candidates. ... No other candidate has proposed such a grossly unfair system." (Bernie Becker, "Some Conservatives See Santorum's Tax Plan As 'Welfare In Disguise'," The Hill, 1/7/12)

· AEI's Kevin Hassett: Santorum's Plan "Is Just The Height Of Economic Illiteracy. It's Inexcusable.'" ("Rick Loses Market Value," The Daily, 2/17/12)

VIDEO TEXT: "Santorum's Plan 'Economic Illiteracy,' 'Inexcusable.'"

VIDEO TEXT: "'The Worst Idea' Of Any GOP Candidate"

VOICOEVER: "Rick Santorum: Another economic lightweight."

VIDEO TEXT: "Rick Santorum: Another Economic Lightweight"

VOICEOVER: "Mitt Romney: Ready to 'lead the nation to a new era.'"

VIDEO TEXT: "Mitt Romney Ready To 'Lead The Nation To A New Era."

· Cincinnati Enquirer: "Romney is best suited to represent the GOP mainstream, advance a thoughtful conservative agenda, offer a strong alternative to President Obama and lead the nation into a new era of progress if elected this fall." (Editorial, "Romney Deserves Ohio's Support," Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/4/12)

VOICEOVER: "With 'the boldest GOP agenda since Reagan.'"

VIDEO TEXT: "With 'The Boldest GOP Agenda Since Reagan'"

· AEI's James Pethokoukis: "If Romney Does Become The Republican Nominee, He Would Certainly Be Running On The Boldest GOP Agenda Since Reagan '80, Maybe Ever." (James Pethokoukis, "New Romney Tax Plan Goes The Full Reagan," AEI's The American, 2/22/12)

MITT ROMNEY: "I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this message."


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