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Michelle Obama headlines $100,000 fund-raiser for Charlotte convention

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama headlined a fund-raiser on Friday--to help bankroll the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C.--where the top price tag was a whopper-- $100,000 per couple. This multi-tiered Charlotte fund-raiser--with a star headliner--was the biggest event to date for the convention.

Mrs. Obama is picking up her fund-raising pace, hitting Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C. last Friday and St. Louis, Kansas City and Boston this week. Before that, at the end of February she was in Cincinnati and Louisville hunting for campaign cash.

Mrs. Obama--as does President Obama and presidents before him--usually piggybacks some official events on her campaign swings so make her travel seem less political by drawing a spotlight to her signature issues, providing a rationale for the government expense involved.

The campaign and or the Democratic National Committee reimburses the government for a very small share of the overall tab--usually the price of first class plane tickets.

The upcoming Monday and Friday fund-raisers this week will benefit the Obama 2012 campaign and the Democratic National Committee, running a joint re-election operation.

Last Friday, Mrs. Obama hit Charlotte--where Democrats hold their convention in September for two fund-raisers to help the Charlotte in 2012 Host Committee. Singer James Taylor, from North Carolina, performed at both high dollar events.

The convention donor cap is $100,000 for individuals. The Obama convention team--in a switch from how it has been done--will not take corporate money to help underwrite convention related events. The Charlotte Host Committee can take money from individuals, foundations and charitable organizations.

Here are details on Mrs. Obama's latest high-end money blitz:



Mrs. Obama in Kansas City, Mo. at the American Jazz Museum

$10,000 greet, photo and reception
$2,500 photo and reception
$1,000 reception and preferred seating
$200 reception



Mrs. Obama in St. Louis at the Peabody Opera House
$10,000 for photo and reception and "host greet"
$5,000 per couple for photo and reception
$150 for reception



Mrs. Obama will be in Boston for two events at the Institute of Contemporary Art
$25,000 Host committee
$5,000 per person

$2,500 Host committee
$500 preferred seating

Mrs. Obama was in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C.


Performance by James Taylor

$100,000 per couple
Greet + photo + "intimate performance" + dinner
$50,000 per couple
Photo + "intimate performance" + dinner
$12,500 per couple
"Intimate performance "+ dinner

Performance by James Taylor and reception

$2,500 donate or raise per person for platinum seating, reception, performance and a keepsake item. I am told the keepsakes were either cuff links or bracelets with the convention logo.
$1,000 gold seating, reception, performance, signature item.
$250 reception and performance


Luncheon with "North Carolina Women for Obama"
$35,800 contribute or raise: Co-Chair (Includes Co-Chair greet, photo reception, and ten tickets to the luncheon)

$ 5,000 contribute or raise: Table Captain (Includes ten tickets to the luncheon and one photo reception ticket)

$ 500 contribute $500 per person: Guest (Includes one ticket to the luncheon)



$10,000 per person: Senior Campaign Staff Meeting, Meet & Greet, & Photo Reception
$2,500 per person: Photo Reception and General Reception
$1,000 per person: VIP General Reception
$250 per person: General Reception

At the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage
$ 100 per person reception
$2,500 VIP Ropeline and Reception (includes a dedicated bar and passed appetizers)

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