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Democrats taunt Mitt over advisor's Etch A Sketch remark

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Mitt Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom exposed Romney to hits from rival Rick Santorum as well as from Democrats after he said in an interview that after the primary--in the general election, Romney would hit the "reset" button. Fehrnstrom provided Romney's critics vivid and damaging imagery by comparing the Romney campaign to the Etch A Sketch toy--which makes a drawing disappear when you shake it up.

Below, from the Democratic National Committee...

The Eric in the reference is Eric Fehrnstrom, a top Mitt Romney campaign advisor; Brad is Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic National Committee communications chief.

Here's the problem Mr. Romney: after you have said you would get rid planned parenthood, supported legislation to deny women affordable access to contraception, called the Dream Act a handout you would veto, said "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt and called yourself "severely conservative" a "real conservative" a "John Adams conservative" and a "social conservative" a whole boatload of Etch-A-Sketches won't erase all that. You sir, are unshakably extreme.

Thanks again Eric.

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