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Santorum: "Moderate establishment" coming after him

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WASHINGTON--GOP White House hopeful Rick Santorum--fresh from his wins in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado-on Wednesday said in a fund-raising appeal he needs money for, among other reasons, to fight attacks he anticipates from the "moderate establishment" --code for Mitt Romney's team.

Romney's campaign has switched from bashing Newt Gingrich to Santorum--at least for now.

Wrote Santorum, "What a night! We did it again! We shocked the moderate establishment and pulled off what the media elites said was impossible by winning three HUGE contests that we were told we couldn't win."

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below, from Santorum campaign......

From Rick Santorum 2:32 a.m. ET

Dear Patriot:

What a night! We did it again! We shocked the moderate establishment and pulled off what the media elites said was impossible by winning three HUGE contests that we were told we couldn't win.

I'm exhausted, but I'm so elated. Before I try and get some sleep, I had to sit down and write you this letter.

As I watched the returns come in tonight, my thoughts kept turning to Ronald Reagan in 1976 when he ran against the moderate President Gerald Ford. In the beginning of that campaign, he lost the first EIGHT primaries. The media and the establishment made fun of his campaign; they said he had no shot, and told him to get out of the race. But then, Reagan got on a roll, winning in North Carolina and a slew of states after that. The conservative base rallied to him, despite all odds. He went all the way to Convention.

Just like Ronald Reagan said at the Republican Convention in 1976, Conservatives must stand for something - even if our party establishment hesitates. Reagan said that we must have a "banner of bold, unmistakable colors, with no pale pastel shades".

Will you join with me to support this vision for our party? Will you support my campaign as we take this message across this great land?

Conservatives face a choice now. It's a "time for choosing" for us. Will we choose another Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, or John McCain? Or will we choose a Conservative standard bearer to inspire our party and America along with it?

This is your last chance to make your choice known by supporting our campaign today.

In August of 1976, Ronald Reagan and President Gerald Ford came to the Republican Convention in Kansas City with the Primary in doubt. Reagan lost that delegate battle, but won the day and led our party in the right direction - towards bold ideas and clear contrasts with our opponents.

If we take immediate action, we can unite together behind a single conservative standard bearer and win the Republican nomination.

I know what's coming next. I saw what Mitt Romney and his team did to Newt Gingrich after he won South Carolina. They amassed millions of dollars for his campaign and his SuperPAC - outspending his opponents nearly 5 to 1! This month will be no exception. They're going to come after us now-- because Romney doesn't have a clear conservative vision for America that he can run on.

All the momentum is on our side now. A Rasmussen survey over the weekend revealed that there is only one Republican Presidential candidate who would beat Obama if the election were today - and no, it wasn't the mushy moderate that wants you to believe that this race is over. No, instead it's me, Rick Santorum, and our campaign - with its bold, conservative ideas and platform.

I can beat Mitt Romney and then President Obama with the kind of conservative ideas that you support. But to do that I need your immediate support. Will you give $25 or $50 immediately to make this happen?

Just like President Reagan once said, we can either preserve this nation as the last best hope on earth for our children, or we can consign them to a thousand year of darkness, by leaving America weaker than we found it.

This is our time for choosing. I hope you'll make your choice and help us today.


P.S. We've got 42 more states to go in this race. This has just begun. But with your immediate contribution, we can send a strong message that Conservatives are willing to fight with all we've got. We won't be stopped. Please donate what you can today.

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