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Rahm endorses Duckworth: As expected. UPDATE Raja reacts

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Rahm Emanuel was a key player in Tammy Duckworth's 2006 run for Congress; his team was helping behind the scenes in fund-raising for her 2012 Illinois House 8th Democratic primary bid--in the form of giving a green light to his donors--and Emanuel made his 2012 endorsement official on Wednesday.

below, from Duckworth campaign, followed by statement from her rival, Raja Krishnamoorthi.....

Duckworth Secures Mayoral Endorsement
Rahm Emanuel Supports Duckworth in Democratic Primary

ROLLING MEADOWS - Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his endorsement of Tammy Duckworth today, citing her experience and priorities for the 8th Congressional District.

"Tammy's no stranger to fighting for her beliefs, no matter the risk," said Emanuel. "She understands better than most the economic struggles people are facing right now. That's why I'm supporting her -- we need more Members of Congress ready to solve problems and move our country forward."

"I'm honored to have the Mayor's support," said Duckworth. "He's succeeded in the Halls of Congress and at the White House, and we share a commitment to getting our economy back on track, and working together to find solutions to our problems."

Mayor Rahm Emanuel served in Congress from 2003 until 2009, and as White House Chief of Staff from 2009 to 2010. He was elected Mayor of Chicago in 2011, succeeding Richard M. Daley, who had held office since 1989.

below, from Krishnamoorthi campaign...

Duckworth Lacks the Experience and Plan Required to Lead on Economic Issues

"I respect Mayor Emanuel, but the economic suffering that millions of Americans face today means this election will be decided by the candidate who best demonstrates a depth of experience, passion, and ideas for creating jobs and helping the middle class. When you objectively look at the private-sector experience and economic recovery plans put forward by both my opponent and myself, it is clear that I am by far the best candidate to take on the economic challenges facing our district and our country. That is why I have been endorsed by dozens of local leaders, including people like Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, State Senator Michael Noland, and State Representative Michelle Mussman (all of whom endorsed me after Duckworth entered the race). " - Raja Krishnamoorthi

"Duckworth is a true hero and she has great experience on veteran's affairs, defense, and national security, but on the single most important issue facing voters today - the economy and job creation - I don't see what in her background provides her with the depth of knowledge required to lead on that all-important issue. This fact is best demonstrated simply by reading Duckworth's own jobs plan." - Deputy Campaign Manager Mike Murray

Duckworth's campaign touts their 4-page jobs plan as a comprehensive economic plan, and yet their plan is woefully lacking in details, substance, and has some glaring omissions. When you actually break down Duckworth's plan, you find it is little more than her own personal biography combined with run-of-the-mill Democratic talking points. For example, Duckworth does not address the housing crisis at all in her economic plan. The sub-prime mortgage crisis is what started the economic downturn, and the economy cannot recover fully until something is done to stop the housing death spiral. Duckworth puts forward various proposals to boost employment (all of which lack specificity and detail) without addressing a key factor hampering long-term growth.

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