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Obama fashion designers fund-raiser tonight: RNC rips "Runway to Win"

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WASHINGTON--The Obama fund-raising team is rolling Tuesday in New York another fund-raising initiative, "Runway to Win," which features higher end "Obama inspired" apparel, tote bags and the like, by 23 U.S. leading designers. The goods have been available on the web site for weeks and are really premiums given out in exchange for campaign contributions.

While the Obama campaign already has a full line of products--and a print and online catalogue--the designer goods are aimed at a different market segment.

Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus slammed the "Runway" project saying in a statement,
"President Obama will need to sell a lot of scarves and make-up to try and cover up the three years of his failed economic policiesWhile his campaign is trying to put chic back in Chicago, 12 million Americans are out of work, struggling to get by because of Obama's weak economic leadership."

"Instead of trying to curry favor with the rich and famous, President Obama should focus on regular Americans who are being hurt every day by his inability to get our economy back on track. But, with his job on the line, it is clear from his priorities that he cares about one thing: saving his own job, at the expense of the American people."

Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot post in January about the Runway project: "Since we launched this campaign last April, we've heard from 23 of the country's best-known designers, who asked how they can pitch in and show they're behind President Obama. So we gave them a simple but powerful mission--express through design why they support the President--and they ran with it."

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