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Newt logs the most time on FOX News: Media Matters

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Media Matters is a Democratic friendly media tracking organization which devotes a lot of energy to monitoring FOX News, an outlet where many Republicans appear. In the presidential primary season, a survey by Media Matters released on Monday shows White House hopeful Newt Gingrich has logged the most time.

From Media Matters:

"Media Matters tracked every one of the 604 appearances the Republican hopefuls made on Fox News and Fox Business between June 1 and January 22 -- a full 77 hours and 24 minutes of television time. (We also tracked appearances by potential candidates who ultimately did not enter the race. For data that includes these appearances, see the bottom of this report.)

"Broken down by candidate, the data paint a picture of a network eager to involve itself in the Republican primary, promoting the campaigns of both frontrunners and longshots. (A gray bar indicates a candidate who dropped out of the race. We ceased tracking these candidates' Fox News appearances when they made their intentions known.)

"Gingrich (12 hours and 14 minutes over 85 appearances), Rick Santorum (nine hours and 23 minutes over 85 appearances), Herman Cain (11 hours and six minutes over 73 appearances), Michele Bachmann (nine hours and three minutes over 73 appearances), and Ron Paul (about eight hours and 40 minutes over 81 appearances) led the pack in total time and number of appearances.

"Where did the candidates go most often? Broken down by program, the data show a few standouts: On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Hannity, Fox & Friends, Your World with Neil Cavuto, and Fox News Sunday. Together, these shows comprised 58 percent of all time spent hosting the candidates and 51 percent of all appearances."


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