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Mitt's Ford Field speech: "Lip service," says Obama campaign

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WASHINGTON--Mitt Romney delivered an economic speech in Detroit on Friday, and the Obama campaign said in reaction it was just "lip service" to the middle class. Read Ben LaBolt's comment in full below.

Romney's speech comes in advance of Tuesday's primary in Michigan, the state where he was raised--and where his father was once governor. Read the text of the speech HERE. The choice of venue may have created a problem of optics: Romney's speech before the Detroit Economic Club was in Ford Field--which seats nearly 70,000--but had only several hundred people seated on the field.

below, from Obama campaign....


"Mitt Romney today stood in the midst of a monument to an industry he would have let go bankrupt leading to the elimination of 1.4 million American jobs. Rather than introducing a plan that would restore economic security for the middle class, Mitt Romney has proposed a fiscally irresponsible plan that would increase the deficit by $5 trillion over the next decade, provide millionaires with tax breaks 800 percent larger than those for the middle class, hollow out retirement security and allow the wealthiest who earn their income off of investments to pay a lower tax rate than middle class Americans. The President has provided every working American with a tax break, and has put forward a plan to boost competitiveness, create jobs, ensure everyone pays their fair share and reduce the deficit by $4 trillion. The lip service Mitt Romney paid to the middle class today was as empty as the stadium he stood in." -- Ben LaBolt, Press Secretary


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