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Michelle Obama talks about her post White House role

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama talks about a post White House role she is has in mind for herself--for the first time I can recall--in an interview aired Wednesday with Joe Madison on his SIRIUS XM channel 128 radio talk show.

Mrs. Obama revealed she is already exploring ways to continue leading a drive for healthy eating and against childhood obesity after she leaves the White House. She told Madison she plans on using proceeds from a book about the White House kitchen garden on the South Lawn--to be released in a few months--to create a funding stream for her signature projects.

Madison taped the interview with Mrs. Obama on Feb. 11, when she was on a tour of Florida, Iowa, Texas and Arkansas to mark the second anniversary of her "Let's Move" drive to end childhood obesity in a generation. Hat tip to Obamafoodorama for flagging the Madison interview.

Madison: ..."After your years in the White House and I hope it's no time soon [that you leave], is this something that Michelle Obama [as] former first lady will continue beyond her years in the White House?"

Mrs. Obama: "Absolutely...this is a cause that can't be solved in a few years. It'll take generations for us to change the way our children see food and how they raise their kids and how communities...[will be]... structured...I'm writing a book that is going to focus on the White House kitchen garden and the proceeds of that are going to be used to deal with this issue, to look at community gardens, and I'm already looking for ways to keep the conversation going long after I'm out of this position So, yes, I am committed to continuing to focus on this issue, to shine a light on it, to lift it up because it's not going to go away with just a few tours and....a couple of years in office."

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