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Michelle Obama on the road: 3,500 jump ropes in hotel room

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama work out routine while on the road includes jumping rope in her hotel room--3,500 jumps each morning. She discussed her drill in an interview out Wednesday with SIRIUS XM host Joe Madison. Hat tip to Obamafoodorama for flagging the interview.

Joe Madison: "Talk about how the Obamas live what they preach when it comes to...[the 'Let's Move' initiative] do you work out when you are on the road?"

Mrs. Obama: "....I brought a jump rope and in my hotel room, I got up this morning and I jump roped. I did seven sets of 500, so by the time I finished I had done about 3500 jumps...I had my cardio in, took a shower, got ready, got dressed and I'm here.

"Even before coming to the White House, we were always physically active....I would get up in the morning, my mom would come over if Barack was traveling and he wasn't home so that I could get up. I got up at 4:30 am in the morning to go the gym and get that done before the girls got up so by the time I got back they were just getting up to get ready for school. But I prioritized that. I...said I would sleep a little bit less [and] go to bed early, but if I don't get that done in the beginning of the day, the day just gets go to work and work takes over. Then you are tired, you come home...then you stop prioritizing yourself. So I thought, I've got to get up and prioritize my own health before I do anything else--work, [or] taking care of my kids....

"The President is the same way...he works out every single day, even on his busiest days, even when he's on the road he goes down to the gym. There's got to be a treadmill, there's a treadmill on Air Force One...if he's got a long distance flight....because he needs that now....that's the way he burns off a lot of stress. So it's critical."

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