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Santorum already fund-raising off of strong Iowa finish

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DES MOINES-- Even as GOP White House hopeful Rick Santorum was delivering his Iowa election night speech Tuesday night--where he was in a tie for first with Mitt Romney--his campaign sent out a fund-raising appeal.
"... I went from longshot to the Iowa Caucus "surprise candidate" overnight," he said.

The Santorum e-mail slammed Romney, though not by name: "It's Now or Never for Conservative voters. We can either unite now behind one candidate and have a conservative standard bearer in 2012, or have the GOP establishment choose another moderate Republican who will have a difficult time defeating Barack Obama in November."

Of his strong come-from-behind Iowa finish Santorum said, "We shocked the world last night in Iowa. We did it with a coalition of conservatives, Tea Party members, and values voters who recognized that my successful conservative record gives the GOP the best chance to defeat Barack Obama."

"...The next test is New Hampshire ... a state Mitt Romney has campaigned in for over four years. This is why I need your immediate support. I'm counting on conservatives around America to respond to this call for help. If we are divided in New Hampshire, we will lose this opportunity to keep the momentum.

"...I will be the most conservative President since Ronald Reagan. I am not going to Washington to blend in and hope people like me. I am running to dismantle the Obama Agenda and lead--like Reagan did.

"..I give Republicans the best option to put a full-spectrum conservative in the White House. Help me make history!

"... I went from longshot to the Iowa Caucus "surprise candidate" overnight. Now conservatives must unite or be defeated. Please donate today and take a stand with my campaign. Join the fight!"

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