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Ron Paul wins youth vote in South Carolina and more from exit poll

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Gleanings from the South Carolina exit poll, where Newt Gingrich swept most of the categories:

*Ron Paul won the youth vote--ages 18-29.

*Mitt Romney won the most educated vote--those with postgraduate study.

*Romney won the money elites--those earning $200,000 or more.

*Romney won most who identified themselves as moderate.

*Romney won most of those opposed to the Tea Party.

*Gingrich won most of the votes of people who said religion counted; Romney won those who said it did not.

*Rick Santorum won those who said abortion was their most important issue.

*Romney won most of those who said abortion should be legal.

*Gingrich won most of those who said the most important candidate quality was defeating Obama.

*Santorum won most of those who said the most important candidate quality was strong moral quality.
*Paul supporters had the most reservations about supporting Romney if he were the nominee.

*Gingrich had many supporters who decided to back him only in last few days.

*Gingrich backers said the debates were important to them.

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