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Romney's congressional "proxies with moxie"

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ORLANDO--Mitt Romney has a posse of Congressmen showing up at Newt Gingrich's Florida events so reporters can get instant rebuttal or react. "We're being called the proxies with moxie," Rep. Mary Bono Mack (D-Calif.) told the Chicago Sun-Times.

"I find this to be interesting and exciting because I think that our work is having an impact on the campaign and I want Mitt Romney to win this state," said Rep. Charlie Bass (R-N.H.).

Campaigns often use trackers, operatives who show up to record everything the opposition candidate does just in case something turns up that can be used against him or her.

The Romney House team members are engaged in a related but different tactic-- what is sometimes known as truth squad work before or after an event--trying to hammer in a media message fast in the on-going 24/7 news cycle--so that no opposition assertion goes without rebuttal or comment.

"I am a bracketer, and I am simply, respectfully, trying to make sure that people like (reporters) have the Mitt Romney message, which I believe is a better message than the Newt Gingrich message," Bass said.

Others in the group are Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fl.)--who is Bono Mack's husband

There are no counterparts at the Romney events. Alluding to the caution of the more scripted Romney campaign--he rarely has press conferences--Gingrich spokesman R.C. Howard told the Sun-Times, "One of the benefits for us-- having somebody who never makes news, we know we never have to follow him."

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