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Illinois 8 House: Duckworth outpaces Raja in fund-raising

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Tammy Duckworth outpaced rival Raja Krishnamoorthi in fourth quarter fund-raising in their Illinois Democratic House primary fight for the northwest suburban 8th congressional district seat.

Krishnamoorthi and Duckworth are battling for the nomination to run against likely GOP nominee, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.).

Preliminary numbers provided by the campaigns show to date Duckworth has raised in the neighborhood of "the mid 900s and climbing," her campaign said. Krishnamoorthi has also raised about $1 million to date, his campaign said.

Incomplete numbers provided by the campaigns show Duckworth collected some $470,000 to Krishnamoorthi's estimated $274,000 for the fourth quarter ending Dec. 31.

Neither campaign provided cash-on-hand figures, which will be available later on. Since each rival has raised to date about $1 million, how much cash they have on hand is important, because the heaviest spending will occur in the weeks before the March 20 Illinois primary.


"Duckworth raised over $470,000 in the year's final quarter bringing her total money raised to nearly $1,000,000 since entering the race less than six months ago. More than 6,500 donors have rallied to support Duckworth's campaign, making her one of the top fundraisers in the country for the second quarter in a row.
"Most candidates experience a drop off in fundraising after the first quarter of their campaign, and ever more so when you include the holidays. But Tammy is showing her staying power as she continues to win the support of thousands of people. Tammy is clearly the strongest choice to face Walsh in the November general election," said Kaitlin Fahey, Duckworth's Deputy Campaign Manager."


"We have crossed the $1,000,000 mark for total raised in the campaign. We don't have Q4 or cash on hand numbers yet as we are still receiving checks and still counting everything. But $726,184 was the total raised as of Q3. So whatever the difference is between those 2 numbers (are) the floor for Q4.

"We feel strongly that we will have the resources needed to win in March and have demonstrated that we will be able to raise the resources to prevail against Tea Party Republican Joe Walsh in November." - campaign spokesman Mike Murray


Raja donated about $1,000 of in-kind contributions in Q4, but no cash donations.

He donated $10,000 in cash in both Q2 and Q3, but did not do so in Q4.

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