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Hillary Clinton: 20 years on "high wire" enough

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WASHINGTON--Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton really is quitting and not planning to stick around if President Barack Obama is re-elected. She said Thursday during a Town Hall meeting with State employees if Obama wins a second term, she'll stay on until there is a replacement.

Said Clinton, "I think I have made it clear that, you know, I will certainly stay on until the president nominates someone and that transition can occur. But I think, after 20 years -- and it will be 20 years -- of being on the high wire of American politics, and all of the challenges that come with that, it would be probably a good idea to just find out how tired I am. Everyone always says that when they leave these jobs.

"...And then, you know, the election is, you know, going to, I'm sure, suck up a lot of the attention from following areas that we think are so important: you know, trying to resolve frozen conflicts; trying to, you know, bring food and health care and education to desperately poor people; trying to build up America's reputation and reality in so many places in the world. But the good news is, you know, maybe we can even get more done if they're not paying attention. So just factor that in.

"And I think, from my perspective, I will, you know, just work as hard as I can till the last minute I have the honor of being secretary, and certainly do everything, no matter what I do -- which I have no idea what it will be -- to support all of you. And I am happy to work with Vice President Biden, who does an excellent job and is a huge advocate and supporter for this department and for USAID.

"So it's a little odd for me to be totally out of an election season, since, as secretary of state, I cannot participate. But, you know, I didn't watch any of those debates....:

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