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Newt's daughter said leadership, not dad's three marriages will matter to voters

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Newt and Callista in Ames 1.jpg
Newt and Callista Gingrich campaigning in Ames, Iowa. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

AMES, IA.--GOP White House hopeful Newt Gingrich's oldest daughter told me Sunday her father's three marriages will not be a turn-off to voters in the Tuesday caucus vote, where social conservatives may dominate.

Kathy Lubbers, 48, a business consultant from Miami was stumping with her father--and his third wife, Callista--at a sports bar near the Iowa State University campus.
Kathy Lubbers.jpg
(photo right, Kathy Lubbers (photo by Lynn Sweet)

I asked her if she was deployed to deal with the "thrice married" matter.

"No. I'm deployed on 'He's my father and I think he would be the best person for president,"' Lubbers told me.
"...I'm not so sure Iowans really are as concerned on the 'thrice married' as they are about who is going to help them lead America out of the wilderness."

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