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The scoop from Washington finds "baloney" at GOP #Iowadebate

| No Comments checked out the Saturday night ABC News/Yahoo GOP presidential debate in Des Moines and found lots of, as they say "baloney" coming from the candidates.

Click over to the site for the complete analysis. Here is the summary:

False and misleading claims were flying again at the latest Republican presidential candidates' debate in Iowa.

Romney falsely claimed that no president before Obama had cut Medicare, and that Obama favored pre-1967 borders for Israel.

Gingrich said he opposed cap-and-trade, even though he once spoke favorably of it, if combined with other measures to curtail carbon emissions.

Perry again falsely accused Romney of writing that the Massachusetts health care law should be a model for the nation, and once again made an apples-to-oranges comparison to make his Texas job-creation record look more impressive.

And Bachmann recycled a bogus claim about projected job losses under the new federal health care law.

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