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Super Bowl Bears at the White House: Ditka, Dent, Fencik, McMahon, Wilson

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WASHINGTON--Mike Ditka. Richard Dent. Otis Wilson. Gary Fencik. Jim McMahon.

Some of the biggest names of the 1985 superbowl Chicago Bears will receive a belated honor on Friday--a White House reception hosted by Bears fan President Barack Obama.

The Bears organization confirmed for me some of the champions who are scheduled to attend the ceremony--postponed in 1986 because of the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger and the death of its crew.

Some of the stars of Super Bowl XX in New Orleans headed to the White House are: Head Coach Mike Ditka; Jim McMahon, Quarterback; Willie Gault, Wide Receiver; Jim Covert, Left Tackle; Richard Dent, Defensive End; Otis Wilson, Linebacker, and Gary Fencik, Free Safety.

Members of the McCaskey family will also be on hand, including Bears Chairman George McCaskey and Mike McCaskey, the former Bears president, now a Bears board member.

I'm told William "Refrigerator" Perry may have health issues preventing him from attending.

The team is set for a tour of the White House, a reception and remarks to the team and invited guests by Obama. A charter plane will take Chicago area members of the 1985 team to Washington for the daytrip.

Defensive end Dan Hampton told WLS radio he was declining the invitation because wives and children were not included and "Secondly, I'm not a fan of the guy in the White House, and third, it was 25 years ago. Let it go."

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