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Solyndra: Valerie Jarrett, others raised concerns

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WASHINGTON--White House Senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and others raised flags about President Obama visiting a failing solar energy company, Solyndra, according to e-mails released by Democrats on the House GOP-controlled panel investigating the U.S. loan to the now bankrupt California firm.

Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee released a report about the e-mails in order to try to switch the storyline the Republicans are pushing, that the loans were related to campaign donations. Rather, there was internal debate and it turns out the White House did not realize the Department of Energy was bungling administering and monitoring the loan.

Read the PDF of the Democrats' report Democrat Energy Commerce.pdf

CONCLUSION from the report.... "The documents produced Friday, like the other documents received by the Subcommittee to date in the Solyndra investigation, do not contain evidence that government decisions relating to Solyndra were influenced by considerations relating to campaign donations. Rather, the documents show that there was internal disagreement within the Administration about Solyndra's viability and the effectiveness of the loan guarantee program throughout the process. According to the documents, the decisions relating to Solyndra were made on the merits after vigorous debate and with awareness of the risks involved."

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