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Rahm hires Defense Department staffer Michael Negron for "Innovations" team

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WASHINGTON--Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former White House chief of staff, dipped into the Defense Department for a new hire, Michael Negron, tasked to City Hall to work on the new "Innovation Delivery Team." The team is bankrolled by a $6 million, three-year Bloomberg Philanthropies grant.

Hat tip for this item: Politico's Mike Allen, in his "Playbook"

From Mike Allen: "Michael Negron, special assistant to DoD General Counsel Jeh Charles Johnson, will depart DoD today for his hometown of Chicago to work for Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Michael will be the director of a Bloomberg-funded Innovation Delivery Team, a re-inventing government team to be housed in City Hall. An early Obama campaign staffer who started in New Hampshire during the primaries, Michael also worked for Elizabeth Warren's TARP oversight panel before moving on to OMB and then DoD."

From the July City Hall press release.....

"The Innovation Delivery Team will focus on two priority issues: reducing the time Chicagoans spend in line to access City services, and creating Energy Efficiency Target Zones throughout Chicago to significantly reduce energy use. Driving efficiencies in these areas will help fulfill Mayor Emanuel's campaign promise to deliver high-quality services to Chicago residents at a lower cost.

"The Innovation Delivery Team grants are the first made through the Mayors Project, the new government innovation program at Bloomberg Philanthropies. The Mayors Project has two goals: develop innovation capacity within municipal government and disseminate effective programs and policies across cities. Chicago was one of five cities selected by Bloomberg Philanthropies to receive the grant.

"...Chicago's Innovation Delivery Team will launch in September. The team will deliver its initial progress update to the public within 6 months, with continued reporting over the next three years."

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