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Rahm Emanuel defends Obama on NBC's "Meet the Press"

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended his former boss, President Obama, on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday, broadcast from Chicago. And in an interesting admission, Emanuel, Obama's former chief of staff, said Obama would resist his suggestions to go after quick political fixes.

"I often advised the president about doing the quick political thing. And he looked at the long term. And he rejected the quick and political because it was in America's interest. That's both true about financial reform, health care, the bigger decisions," Emanuel said.

Emanuel sidestepped making suggestions when host David Gregory asked what Obama has to do to "get his swagger back." But Emanuel did not dispute the premise of the question.

In an interview focused mainly on the national economy, Emanuel said the president made "the tough decisions, the right decisions," especially in the auto industry bailout.

"I believe the investment in rebuilding America (is)...good for the economy today, it is good for the economy long term," Emanuel said.

"Meet the Press" traveled to Chicago to kick off "Chicago Ideas Week."

Below, in reverse order (last to first) my Tweets sent out during Emanuel's segment. READ THE TRANSCRIPT HERE.

#Rahm @MTP Emanuel interview over. Spoiler alert: No questions Solyandra, Daley, Suskind book. Nice branding, promo for Chicago Ideas Week.

Gregory to @RahmEmanuel: What does Obama have to do to get his swagger up? #Rahm: "Rebuilding America's infrastructure" is right for America

@RahmEmanuel on @MTP #MeetthePress in Chicago lbragging his accomplishments. All since mid-May! He introduces his new budget on Wed.

On @MTP, @NBC's @MeetthePress in Chicago: Is Obama in trouble for re-election? Mayor @RahmEmanuel dodges direct answer.

@RahmEmanuel on @MTP says he advised Pres Obama--when he was chiief of staff--to go for short term gains; Obama wanted the larger view.

#RahmEmanuel on #MTP NBC's "Meet the Press" from Chicago. "He's now "The Boss," says host David Gregory. First questions on the economy.

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