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NATO Chicago meeting: Building toward missile defenses

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WASHINGTON--Groundwork continues to be laid for NATO to have start-up missile defenses by the May NATO meeting in Chicago. The NATO summit will overlap with a G-8 meeting.

Ellen Tauscher, Undersecretary at the State Department for Arms Control and International Security delivered a speech to the Atlantic Council Missile Defense Conference Tuesday on that subject. Her talk was titled, "Transatlantic Missile Defense: Phase II and the Lead Up to the NATO Chicago Summit."

Timeline towards Chicago, according to Tauscher:

"On September 13, Secretary Clinton and Romanian Foreign Minister Baconschi signed a Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement for Phase 2. Once ratified by the Romanian Parliament, this agreement will allow the United States to build a land-based SM-3 interceptor site at Deveselu Air Base in Romania."

"...On September 15, our Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement with Poland entered into force for Phase 3. It is the first such agreement that reached entry into force and we greatly appreciate all of the effort and support we have received from Poland.

"...Most recently, Spain agreed in October to serve as a home port for four Aegis ships to support future deployments to Europe. This contribution by Spain supports the commitment made by NATO to missile defense.

"...Over the coming months, we will continue these efforts with our NATO Allies. As we said from the start, we want our missile defense deployments to be part of a NATO missile defense effort, where our system will be the U.S. contribution. NATO is working hard on developing the necessary command and control arrangements for this system.

"...It is NATO's goal and our desire that enough of this work be completed by the May 2012 Summit in Chicago to declare an initial NATO missile defense capability.:

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