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Michelle Obama, Rahm Emanuel together in Chicago on Oct. 25

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been using her bully pulpit to bring grocery stores to underserved "food deserts-- a project embraced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel during his campaign--returns to Chicago on Oct. 25 for a food summit hosted by the mayor. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell has the food scoop. Mrs. Obama is also keynoting a fund-raiser for the Obama re-election drive that day at Plumbers Hall on the near West Side.

Mrs. Obama has been addressing the "food desert" issue via her "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign.

My February post on Emanuel taking a page from Mrs. Obama's food desert playbook is HERE. The post also includes Emanuel's campaign policy proposals.

excerpt from Feb. 1, 2011 post: WASHINGTON--Chicago mayoral candidate and former White House House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel unveiled a food policy on Tuesday that mirrors First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to bring more healthy and affordable food choices to urban "food deserts."

Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" campaign--a year old next week--identified problems that still need solving, even in her own Chicago back yard.

My February, 2010 post about Mrs. Obama and food deserts is HERE.

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