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Michelle Obama in Chicago: food and fund-raising

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First Lady Michelle Obama touched down in Chicago for a few hours on Tuesday to fund-raise for President Obama's re-election, highlight new deals with Walgreens and other retailers to offer fresh food products in Chicago and tour a South Side farm. The Sun-Times Abdon M. Pallasch has the report, read it HERE.

From Pallasch: First lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday announced 37 new fresh-food stors for Chicago, held a live worm from a compost heap, and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for her husband's re-election.

Obama joined Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a Walgreens in Chatham to announce new or expanded food stores around Chicago. The Chatham Walgreens and 19 others in the city will start offering vegetables and other fresh food.

"...I am so glad that we are doing this here at home in Chicago," Obama told the crowd. "This is a truly wonderful homecoming. We are not just anywhere, but we are here on the South Side."

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