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Illinois Congress: Fund-raising update in the big contests

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WASHINGTON --Big congressional primary contests are shaping up in the Chicago area, with new disclosure reports showing candidates are trying to stockpile cash for the March election.

Illinois Republicans are challenging the new Democratic-drawn map in federal court, hoping a judge will order new districts that are not stacked against them. Until then, candidates are running in districts created by Democratic mapmakers. The next court hearing on the case is in November.

That said, here is a rundown on fund-raising for the biggest contests in 2012, with the Sept. 30 third quarter federal reports just made public.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. raised $350,992 so far this cycle and has $259,215 cash on hand. His challenger, former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, just got in the primary, with $210,311 left in her warchest and nothing raised in the third quarter.

There is no incumbent in the north suburban Democratic battle between Raja Krishnamoorthi and Tammy Duckworth. Krishnamoorthi raised $726,184 so far and has $635,997 cash on hand. Duckworth, who started in the third quarter, raised $478,354 and has $365,338 cash on hand.

In the big North Shore contest, Republican incumbent Bob Dold raised $1,232,349 so far and has $994,633 cash on hand. Two Democrats are battling to take him on. Brad Schneider raised $500,147, including $150,028 he loaned his campaign. He has $417,017 cash on hand. Ilya Sheyman raised $258,9000 so far and had $141,514 cash on hand.

The Democrats drew the new map to pit Republicans against each other and that's what is likely to take place unless a court draws new lines.

In the northwest suburbs, two GOP freshmen incumbents will face each other in the primary. Joe Walsh has raised $758,749 so far and has $466,058 cash on hand. Randy Hultgren has raised $644,887 and has $275,810 cash on hand.

Under the Democratic map, freshman GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger had little choice but to challenge fellow Republican lawmaker Don Manzullo. Kinzinger so far has raised $788,025 and has $567,012 cash on hand. Manzullo has raised $433,588 this cycle and has $483,994 cash on hand.

The fund-raising of Walsh and Kinzinger has likely been bolstered by their developing national profiles since taking office in January; donors are more likely to give to figures they are familiar with.

Looking ahead to the November 2012 general election, one big match-up is in the works. If the map does not change (and each becomes the nominee, which is likely) Republican Rep. Judy Biggert will face former Democratic Rep. Bill Foster. Biggert raised $720,113 so far this cycle and had $886,412 cash on hand. Foster raised $586,008 so far and has $552,588 cash on hand.

Rep. Peter Roskam, a member of the House Republican leadership team, has no viable rival and has the biggest warchest of the entire Illinois delegation. Roskam has raised $1,296,858 so far this cycle and has $1,767,463 cash on hand.

The figures do not reflect other campaign funds, called leadership political action committees member may also have.

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