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Democratic National Committee slams Romney for not backing Obama payroll tax break

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Updated with Romney response..

WASHINGTON--At a GOP White House debate this week, White House hopeful Mitt Romney said he would not back extending the payroll tax breaks everyone who gets a paycheck is receiving this year, part of President Obama's plan to stimulate the economy.

Pressed by Bloomberg News Julianna Goldman at the debate, "So you would be OK with seeing the payroll tax cuts," Romney replied, "Look, I don't like temporary little Band-Aids, I want to fundamentally restructure America's foundation economically.

"No one likes to see tax increases, but look, the stimulus bills the president comes out with that are supposedly going to create jobs, we have now seen this played in the theater several times, and what we're seeing has not worked," Romney said.

The DNC and the Obama team are slamming Romney for the Band-Aid comparison, with the DNC on Friday releasing a web video with this message: "Mitt Romney may think tax cuts for the middle class to the tune of $1,500 per year for the typical family is just a temporary little Band-Aid, but in the real world Americans know $1,500 is anything but a Band-Aid. It's four months of groceries, seven months of gasoline and a full year's electricity bill. It's a vacation or months of car payments."

React from Romney spokesman Ryan Williams: "These baseless attacks confirm that President Obama and his campaign see Mitt Romney as the one candidate who can beat him. The Democrats continue to offer deflections and diversions from what really matters, which is President Obama's failure to create jobs. President Obama has turned America into an economic disaster zone. The only question is whether we can make it to the election of 2012 before Obama takes us all the way back to 1929."

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