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David Plouffe's Tuesday trifecta: NBC, ABC, CBS

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WASHINGTON--White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe hit the Tuesday morning shows on NBC, ABC and CBS to argue for President Obama's jobs bill in advance of a Senate vote later today that is almost certain to fail. Plouffe was also asked about the swelling Wall Street protests across the country.

Sampling: NBC's Matt Lauer: Let's talk about Wall Street. I'm interested to get your take on this. We've got the Occupy Wall Street movement that is either growing or morphing, depending on your point of view. These people are out there and they're angry at Wall Street, the so-called fat cats. But you know what, David? They're also angry at Democrats and the administration for not taking them on and doing anything about it.

Do Democrats stand to take the biggest hit in the wake of these protests?

Plouffe: Well, I think what you're seeing in New York and in other cities around the country is mirrored in what you're seeing in just people's kitchens and living rooms all across the country, which is a deep frustration about the unfairness in our economy.

And, you know, the president passed Wall Street reform. And what that means is we're going to have a more transparent financial system. Taxpayers will no longer be on the hook to bail out large banks. And you're going to see consumers protected in terms of credit card rates and mortgage rates and hidden fees.

Lauer: Yeah, but those young people out on the streets of New York and other places, David, they don't think enough has been done. And those are the same people who put Barack Obama into the White House three years ago. So are you worried that -- they're not going to vote Republican, but are you worried they're going to stay home in 2012?

Plouffe: We're not. We're obviously going to have to work hard to get the people out we need to win. But I do think that Wall Street reform is going to be a fundamental choice here in Washington and in the campaign next year, because all the major Republican presidential candidates, many Republicans in Congress, want to unwind Wall Street reform.

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