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Valerie Jarrett keynotes White House conference on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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WASHINGTON--The White House hosts a large conference for Historically Black Colleges and Universities this week, at a hotel here because the gathering is so large. White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett delivers the keynote address on Monday.

From John Silvanus Wilson, Jr., Executive Director, White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the program book: "When this office was established back in 1980, roughly 80 percent of the African Americans in American higher education were being educated inside of HBCUs. Today, 90 percent of African Americans are being educated outside of HBCUs, including 15 percent in for-profit institutions, 15 percent in Predominantly Black Institutions, and roughly 33 percent in community colleges (only14 of which are HBCUs).

"...This conference is tied to both the fulfillment of Presidential Executive Order 13532 and the pursuit of the goal set by President Obama and Secretary Duncan to have the best-educated and most-competitive and diverse workforce in the world by the year 2020. To meet this goal, our nation needs roughly 8 million more graduates overall, and nearly 2 million of them need to be African Americans. To do our part, HBCUs need to generate another 167 thousand graduates above our current base and pace by 2020. That means our annual production must climb from approximately 35.5 thousand graduates to over 54 thousand. That is no small challenge!"

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