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Speaker Boehner's jobs plan unveiled Thursday

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below, from Boehner office...

PREVIEW: Speaker Boehner to Call for Bipartisan Action to "Liberate America's Economy," Spur Private-Sector Job Growth

September 15, 2011 | Posted by Katie Boyd | Permalink
In an address to the Economic Club of Washington today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will call for bipartisan action to "Liberate America's Economy" from the shackles of excessive regulation, higher taxes, and out-of-control spending that are stifling private-sector economic growth and job creation. Here is a preview:

President's Proposal Offers "Opportunities for Common Ground," But No Substitute for What's Needed "To Remove Barriers to Job Creation." "Boehner will say that while the House will consider Obama's proposals -- some of which offer opportunities for common ground -- they are no substitute for the pro-growth policies needed to remove barriers to job creation in America. He will discuss the GOP's 'Plan for America's Job Creators,' which is focused on streamlining and reforming the tax code, stopping regulations, and cutting Washington spending." (NBC News, 9/15/11)

"Key to Jump Starting Growth is to Get Government Out of the Way." "Boehner's policy prescriptions are expected to mirror the Republican Party's long-running position that the key to jump starting growth is to get government out of the way and allow the private sector to do its thing. That means less regulation, lower taxes and big reductions in government spending." (CNN, 9/15/11)

"Tax Increases...Are Not An Option." "[B]oehner will prod the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction lower the corporate rate and close loopholes -- the preferred GOP method for cleaning up the nation's tax system. Tax increases, Boehner will say, are not an option as they seek to close a gaping $14 trillion budget hole." (Politico, 9/15/11)

No More "'Short-Term Gimmicks' That Could Worsen the Environment for Job Creators." "The Republican plan is focused on streamlining the tax code, stopping 'harmful regulations' and cutting federal spending...In a rebuke to some ideas in Democrat Obama's plan, the speaker, an Ohio Republican, will also say that Congress shouldn't focus on 'short-term gimmicks' that could worsen the environment for job creation." (Bloomberg, 9/15/11)
"Address the Structural Problems" That Put America "In Danger of More Job-Destroying Downgrades." "The speaker is also expected to explain his belief that the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction 'should advance fundamental tax reform to support private investment and job creation, and address the structural problems in our entitlement programs that have put our country in danger of more job-destroying downgrades.'" (ABC News, 9/15/11)
In his address, Speaker Boehner will describe a path forward for Congress and the President to work together to seek common ground on proposals to remove barriers to private-sector job growth, such as those the new House majority has already put forward with the Plan for America's Job Creators. Tune in here on Facebook to watch Speaker Boehner's address live at 1:00 pm EST, and learn more about the GOP's plan for jobs at http://Jobs.GOP.Gov.

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