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Rep. Peter Roskam to deliver weekly GOP address

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Rep. Peter Roskam to Deliver the Weekly Republican Address

Chief Deputy Whip Will Discuss House's Efforts to Address Excessive Regulations That Hamper Job Creation

WASHINGTON, DC - Delivering the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) will provide an update on the House's efforts to address excessive federal regulations that hamper job creation in America. Last week, Roskam recruited job creators hurt by Washington overregulation to attend the president's address to Congress as guests of Speaker Boehner.

"Small business owners are fighting to create and innovate every day, but continue to be shackled by excessive regulatory barriers to job creation," Rep. Roskam said. "Appropriate and responsible regulations help protect our health and safety, yet Washington has turned rule-making into an assault on American businesses and the jobs they create. Small businesses already struggling in a down economy are facing the additional burden of job-destroying regulations written by unelected bureaucrats at federal agencies in Washington. That's why House Republicans are taking action to grow our economy, voting all this fall to stop some of Washington's most excessive regulations. I hope this address helps shed light on excessive federal regulations, and the need to get government out of the way of America's job creators."

Peter Roskam is in his third term as Congressman for the Sixth District of Illinois and is the Chief Deputy Whip, a member of House leadership. He is a member of the House Ways & Means Committee and is the co-chair of the Republican Israel Caucus. Roskam has emerged as a leading advocate for fundamental tax reform and passing the three stalled free trade agreements.

"Having run a small business, I've seen firsthand how excessive red tape and unnecessary federal regulations can hinder risk-taking and hurt job creation," Speaker Boehner said. "In the House, Majority Leader Cantor is implementing a fall legislative schedule that reflects the concerns we've heard from job creators across America about unnecessary federal regulations that are hampering job growth. Congressman Roskam is a national leader on this issue, and I look forward to hearing what he has to say about it in our weekly address."

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