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Michelle Obama on Gloria Steinem at New York fund-raiser: "She stuck with it for the long haul"

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WASHINGTON-- First Lady Michelle Obama headlined a fund-raiser aimed at women in New York, where one of the other draws was feminist and author Gloria Steinem.

I wrote a preview about this "mother/daughter" fund-raising event and you can read it HERE.

from the pool report: "Michelle Obama drew bursts of applause and a standing ovation in a speech that was as much an endorsement of her husband's accomplishments as a rallying cry to the Democratic Party's troops.

"Are you in?" she asked at the end of a 20-minute address to 400 mostly female supporters in Manhattan. "Are you ready for work? We all have to be fired up and ready to go."

"..."Obama praised Ms. Magazine founder and feminism pioneer Gloria Steinem while invoking Steinem's determination on behalf of women and girls.

"Fortunately for us, Gloria made a different choice," she said. "She stuck with it for the long haul. . . In the end, we're not fighting these battles for ourselves, we're fighting them for our daughters and our granddaughters."

I reported earlier he price is $500 for an individual; $1,000 for a Mother/Daughter or mentor or mentee; a table of ten is $5,000. An event vice chair--raise or give $10,000-- gets a photo with Mrs. Obama and a lunch; an event chair--raise or give $35,800 gets a VIP pre-reception as well as the photo op and lunch. The contributions go to the DNC and the Obama 2012 re-election campaign.

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