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Biden headlines Raleigh fund-raiser

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below, pool report.....

Vice President Joe Biden spoke to about 60 people at a breakfast fund raiser Thursday morning at the West Raleigh home of John and Kristin Replogle. He is CEO of Seventh Generation, a Vermont-based company that makes non toxic household and personal care products. The event cost a minimum of $5,000 per person.
Standing in the kitchen, Biden said such fund raisers will enable the Obama-Biden ticket to put together "the best ground operation in history."
"That's how we are going to win North Carolina," Biden said.
Biden made a pitch for the president jobs program saying despite improvements in the economy, many were still out of work, and struggling to pay their bills.
"All we want to do is get this vicious cycle and turn it into a virtuous cycle," Biden said.
"We have to do something to jump start this," Biden said. "All the elements for the beginning of a genuine recovery are there. We are out of the recession, but that is not enough."
"What the president is trying to do with the jobs bill is to say to Republicans say, 'this is not about ideology. We know it can help ordinary people now. "
"Every single thing the president has put forward in that jobs bill is something a Republican president has supported in the past and the majority of the Republican elected officials have supported in the past. This is not ideologically laden."
"We are prepared to negotiate with the Republicans," Biden said.
But Biden added "we are not willing to negotiate no. We are not willing to negotiate standpat. We have had enough of this absolute recalcitrance."
Drummond Drive was blocked off by Raleigh police. On the way to the fund raiser, Biden stopped and greeted some children standing outside a school, according to staff.

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