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Democratic strategy: All 2012 Republicans are "Tea Party"

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The Democratic National Committee have two big words to say about the Republican 2012 field: Tea Party. Does the phrase test well? Just asking. See the emphasis on calling the GOP field--Mitt Romney new in the race, Texas Gov. Rick Perry--Tea Party all in a new web video out Tuesday. The video is called "A Good Week for the Tea Party", all in the wake of the Iowa Straw poll last Saturday and the GOP debate last week.

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Washington, DC--Today, the Democratic National Committee released a video on the heels of last week's GOP Presidential debate and straw poll in Ames, IA where all of the Republican candidates pledged their allegiance to the extreme Tea Party wing of the Republican Party and the extreme ideology they espouse-- a set of principles and polices that protect the special interests, tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and large corporations at the expense of the middle class, seniors and students. That pledge came the same day that Mitt Romney, on a campaign stop at the Iowa State Fair, told a crowd in response to a question about corporations paying their fair share that "corporations are people," articulating the Tea Party's views on fair tax policy. Then at the Ames Straw Poll, it became clear that because all of the candidates are embracing Tea Party policies, the only winner that night was the Tea Party. The Tea Party was further bolstered when another one of their champions, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, announced Saturday that he is running for president.

In response to the GOP field's embrace of the Tea Party, the DNC released a web video highlighting entitled "A Good Week for the Tea Party."

"Without a doubt last week was a good week for the Tea Party," said DNC National Press Secretary Melanie Roussell. "There now is no question that the Republican presidential candidates, and Washington Republicans, are taking their cues from their extreme Tea Party base. All the Republican candidates are embracing policies that would end Medicare as we know it, slash Social Security, and cut funding for education--all this without asking the special interests, millionaires, and billionaires to pay their fair share. Republicans are putting the extreme ideology of the Tea Party ahead of the interests of the middle class Americans--and that's not what our country wants."

Watch the video "A Good Week For The Tea Party" here:
Media download link:


CHYRON: This past week was a very good one for the Tea Party

CHYRON: First, Mitt Romney articulated their views on fair tax policy

MITT ROMNEY: "Corporations are people, my friend" [8/11/2011]

CHYRON: Then at the debate, every Republican candidate for President pledged their allegiance to the Tea Party

BRET BAIER: I'm going to ask a question to everyone here on the stage. Say you had a deal, a real spending cuts deal, ten to one as Byron said - spending cuts to tax increases [...] who on this stage would walk away from that deal? Will you raise your hand if you feel so strongly about not raising taxes you'd walk away on the ten to one deal? [...] Just making sure everyone at home and everyone here knows that they all raised their hands, they're all saying that they feel so strongly about about not raising taxes that a ten to one deal, they would walk away from - confirming that. [Fox News Debate, 8/11/2011]

CHYRON: They dominated the results of the Iowa Straw Poll

RAND PAUL: I think the Tea Party was a big victory here. Think of the two most prominent people who represent the Tea Party - Michele Bachmann's one, Ron Paul's another. Slightly different on some issues, but in large sense, represent the Tea Party [Fox News, 8/13/2011]

CHYRON: And another one of their champions decided to throw his hat into the ring

CANDY CROWLEY: Rick Perry, he's just come into the race, Governor of Texas, also a Tea Party favorite [CNN, 8/14/2011]

CHYRON: GOP 2012: Putting the ideology of the Tea Party first

[DNC Disclaimer]


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