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Rep. Joe Walsh: Calls Obama a liar on default

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WASHINGTON--Harsh words for President Obama from freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) who does not believe--contrary to evidence, for example, from Moody's--that the nation faces any problems if the U.S. defaults on Aug. 2. Below, his video. Obama has said that government checks may not go out on Aug. 3 if no deal is reached with congressional leaders to avoid the Aug. 2 default deadline to raise the debt ceiling.

Walsh represents the 8th congressional district and comes from the Tea Party faction of the GOP. Illinois Democrats remapped him out of his district in the new map, which Republicans will be challenging in court. He won his 2010 election by about 300 votes.

below, from Walsh.....

"President Obama, quit lying," said Congressman Walsh. "You know darn well that if August 2nd comes and goes there is plenty of money to pay off our debt and cover all social security obligations. And you also know that you and only you have the discretion to make those payments."

"I know you have a willing media that protects everything you say and do, but have you no shame sir? In three short years you have bankrupted this country and destroyed job creation. You are either in over your head, don't understand what makes this country great, or are hell-bent in turning us into some European big government wasteland."

"Come on President Obama - quit scaring the American people and quit talking about band aids and peas. Lead for a change - get members of your own party to support a Balanced Budget Amendment."

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