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Obama in 2003: No Congress vote, no war. In 2011: wrestling with Congress over war vote

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WASHINGTON--President Obama is wrestling with Congress over whether a vote was needed--or is now--to allow U.S. military strikes in Libya. House Republicans on Friday will call for votes on several resolutions dealing with military force and Libya.

The Senate also has pending before it a bi-partisan measure calling for authorization of the Libya strikes--while limiting the duration of the actions.

The Obama White House argues the hostilities do not amount to war, and that's why no congressional votes are needed.

Back in December, 2003, Barack Obama, running for a U.S. Senate seat from Illinois, had a simpler view--one with no nuance or quibbling over what, exactly, defines a war.
He was asked about Congress' role in war in an extensive questionnaire from a Chicago liberal group, the Independent Voters of Illinois - Independent Precinct Organization.

IVI-IPO question: Should the US wage war without a declaration from Congress?

Obama answer: No.

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