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Senate Democrats fund-raising off of big oil tax breaks

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WASHINGTON--As the CEOs of the five largest oil companies testify Thursday before the Senate Finance Committee--having to defend why they need tax breaks in the wake of giant profits--the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is sending out a fund-raising appeal blasting GOP support for "corporate welfare."

This is a coordinated one-two punch by Senate Democrats, who control the chamber. The Senate hearing sets up the problem--and gets publicity at a time gas prices are near highs--while the small dollar donor is getting a pitch to throw in some cash--to help keep the Senate majority--at least sign an e-mail petition--bolstering the DSCC mailing list.

DSCC executive director Guy Cecil said in a Thursday e-mail, "Republicans insist the oil companies need taxpayer subsidies. So Big Oil gets you twice - once at the pump, and again in the paycheck. This corporate welfare has got to end. Now.

"Just a few days from now the Senate will vote to cut off the taxpayer cash flow. Republicans will try to defend their petroleum pals, so we need you in this fight."

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