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Rahm Emanuel re-organizes Chicago City Council. Details here

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below, release from Emanuel transition.....


This morning, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel announced the reorganization of the Chicago City Council.

"The people of Chicago were loud and clear when they voted for change and that is exactly what we are announcing today. With the fewest number of committees in the last 50 years, this city council reorganization provides relief to taxpayers by reducing cost and increasing efficiency." said Emanuel. "After meeting with each of the city's 50 alderman and listening to their ideas for reform, I am proposing these changes based on their input."

By decreasing the number of City Council committees from 19 to 16, the consolidation reduces the City Council's cost to taxpayers by more than 10%. The new committee leaders reflect the diversity of Chicagoans across the city and will help the City Council implement reforms to keep Chicago moving forward.

City Council Leadership:
President Pro Tempore: Alderman Michelle Harris, 8th Ward
Vice-Mayor: Alderman Ray Suarez, 31st Ward

City Council Committee Leadership:

Budget & Government Operations
Carrie Austin, 34th Ward - Chair
Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward - Vice-Chair

Economic Capital & Technology Development
Thomas Tunney, 44th Ward- Chair
Leslie Hairston, 5th Ward - Vice-Chair

Education & Child Development
Latasha Thomas, 17th Ward - Chair
Rey Colon, 35th -Vice-Chair

Ed Burke, 14th Ward - Chair
Patrick O'Connor, 40th Ward - Vice-Chair

Health & Environmental Protection
George Cardenas, 12th Ward - Chair
Jo Ann Thompson, 16th Ward -Vice-Chair

Ray Suarez, 31st Ward - Chair
Pat Dowell, 3rd Ward - Vice-Chair

Human Relations
Joe Moore, 49th Ward - Chair
Roberto Maldonado, 26th Ward- Vice-Chair

License & Consumer Protection
Emma Mitts, 37th Ward - Chair
Ariel Reboyras, 30th Ward - Vice-Chair

Public Safety
James Balcer, 11th Ward - Chair
Willie Cochran, 20th Ward - Vice-Chair

Special Events & Cultural Affairs
Walter Burnett, 27th Ward - Chair
Lona Lane, 18th Ward - Vice-Chair

Traffic Control & Safety
Margaret Laurino, 39th Ward - Chair
Deborah Graham, 29th Ward - Vice-Chair

Transportation & Infrastructure
Anthony Beale, 9th Ward - Chair
John Pope, 10th Ward - Vice-Chair

Daniel Solis, 25thWard - Chair
Howard Brookins Jr., 21st Ward - Vice-Chair

Michael Zalewski, 23rd Ward - Chair
Ariel Reboyras, 30th Ward - Vice-Chair

Workforce Development & Audit
Patrick O'Connor, 40th Ward - Chair
Michelle Harris, 8th Ward - Vice-Chair

*The Committee on Buildings and Committee on Historical Landmark Preservation were consolidated into the Zoning Committee. The Committee on Energy, Environmental Protection and Public Utilities was merged with the Health Committee to form the Committee on Health and Environmental Protection. The Committee on Parks and Recreation has been is merged into the Committee on Special Events and Cultural Affairs.


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