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Obama, Cameron exchange gifts: A stuffed Bo for British PM kids

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From the White House:

The President and Mrs. Obama gave the Prime Minister a custom-made pair of White House Magnolia wood and sterling silver cufflinks engraved on the reverse with the President's signature, as well as a first edition of President John F. Kennedy's book, Profiles in Courage.

The President and Mrs. Obama gave Mrs. Cameron a custom-designed sterling silver cuff bracelet adorned with a White House Magnolia wood cabochon center, which was presented together with the cufflinks in a hand-carved Magnolia wood valet tray crafted specially for this occasion. The Magnolia wood gifts were fabricated from the Magnolia trees that fell on the grounds of The White House during the snow storm of February 2009.

Each of Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron's children received a signed, personalized copy of President Obama's book Of Thee I Sing. Nancy and Elwen also received classic American kid toy scooters, and Florence received a handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle of Bo Obama, the First Family's dog, and a stuffed animal of Bo.

Earlier in the week, Obama traded gifts with the Royal Family.....

According to the White House:

The President and Mrs. Obama gave Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a collection of rare memorabilia and photographs in a handmade leather bound album that chronologically highlights her parents' (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) visit to the United States in 1939. As the 1939 visit was the first such trip to the United States by a reigning British monarch, this gift contains both historic and personal value.

For His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the President and Mrs. Obama gave a custom-made set of Fell Pony bits and shanks, as well as original horseshoes worn by recently retired champion carriage horse Jamaica. The Duke of Edinburgh has a keen interest in equestrian sports and specifically in carriage driving. Designed in Colorado and made in Ohio, the set includes several interchangeable bits and each shank is engraved with the Presidential Seal. A slaughterhouse rescue horse, Jamaica rose to the top of carriage horse competition and was named the 2008 United States Equestrian Federation Horse of the Year.

For His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, the President and Mrs. Obama gave a special selection of plants, seedlings and seeds from the gardens of Mount Vernon, Monticello and the South Lawn of The White House, as well as jars of honey from The White House beehive. This one-of-a-kind collection is presented in a specially handcrafted wooden box made from a Magnolia tree that fell on the grounds of The White House during the snowstorm of February 2009. Magnolia trees have been a fixture on the South Lawn of The White House since the mid-nineteenth century.


According to the palace staff:

The Obamas were given "a selection of letters taken from the royal Archives to and from a number of presidents to Queen Victoria commencing with a letter from John Quincy Adams writing to Princess Victoria in 1834, a final letter by William McKinley in 1897 to Queen Victoria marking her diamond Jubilee year. The volume includes letters and watercolors regarding the Prince of Wales' trip to the U.S. in 1860 and letters in response to the death of the Prince Consort and Abraham Lincoln. The documents have been bound in book form, red leather with gold lettering and presented in a presentation box."

"The letters are facsimiles."

"Mrs. Obama was given an antique broach in the form of roses made of gold and red coral, presented in a red leather jewel box made in the same leather as the book. In that broach, the leaves and stems were made of gold and the roses were made of red coral."

Some copies of the letters were on display during the Queen's tour of her gallery, including letters between Queen Victoria and Mary Todd Lincoln on the death of Abraham Lincoln.

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