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Bin Laden raiders surprised to have extra time

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WASHINGTON--Lawmakers receiving classified briefings on the raid from CIA Chief Leon Panetta were told that U.S. Navy Seals had extra minutes to collect material from the Osama Bin Laden compound when they did not encounter any authorities--local police or military--during the operation, lasting about 40 minutes.

The raid was supposed to take about 30 minutes; some extra time was needed because one of the two helicopters at the scene broke down and a back-up chopper was flown in. But it seems there is more to the story, I've learned. Despite the noise from the gun fire and the helicopters, no Pakistan authorities rushed to the scene. Lawmakers were told about 20 minutes into the raid the U.S. forces realized they could take extra time and they used it scoop up computers, DVD's thumb drives and notebooks from the compound.

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