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Obama in Chicago: Raises $2 million for 2012 bid

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obama navy pier.JPGPresident Obama at Navy Pier, April 14, 2011. (Sun-Times photos by Keith Hale)

CHICAGO--Saving the most raucous for last, President Obama kicked off fund-raising for his re-election campaign Thursday with three sessions in Chicago, raising $2 million from 2,500 supporters. Read the rest of the Chicago Sun-Times Abdon M. Pallasch story about President Obama in Chicago here

Pallasch Pool Report on Obama arriving at his Kenwood home:

Bit of a delay dropping the Prez at his house as he stopped on the way home and jumped out of the car to shake hands with eight children cheering him near his house. They were among several groups of fans gathered in his neighborhood to cheer.

He was dropped home at 10:20.

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