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Obama to file for re-election as early as next week: could be Monday. Exclusive

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WASHINGTON--President Obama will register as a 2012 re-election candidate as early as next week, I've learned, with the Federal Election Commission filing possibly coming as early as Monday.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Hari Sevugan told me, "no decision has been made." But I've heard from a campaign insider that the papers will be quietly filed in a few days with more of a kick off--via an Obama video and or text message--- to come later.

As I've reported, Obama will be in Chicago on April 14 for the fund-raising launch events to fund his bid for a second term, with events in Los Angeles and San Francisco on April 19 and 20. Obama will be in New York at the end of the month. The FEC registration clears the way for the Obama team to start collecting contributions for the Obama 2012 Victory fund which is being established.

My March 30 column with scoops on Obama 2012 fund-raising and other re-election campaign details is here.

My March 28 column with my scoop about the Obama 2012 national headquarters in Chicago's Prudential Building is here.

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