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Moussa Kusa Libya defection: White House says "significant blow" to Gaddafi

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WASHINGTON--The defection of a key Gaddafi aide--Foreign Minister Moussa Kusa--seen as a mastermind behind the Pan Am 103 bombing--is a "significant blow," to Gaddafi, the Obama White House said Thursday morning.

From Tommy Vietor, National Security Council Spokesman: "This is a major defection and a significant blow to the Gaddafi regime. Moussa Kusa is one of Gaddafi's most trusted aides who can help provide critical intelligence about Gaddafi's current state of mind and military plans. It also demonstrates that the people around Gaddafi understand his regime is in disarray. As the President said the other night, 'it should be clear to those around Gaddafi, and to every Libyan, that history is not on his side.' The people around Gaddafi have to choose whether to place their bet on a regime that has lost all legitimacy and face grave consequences, or get on the right side of history. Moussa Kusa's decision shows which way the wind is blowing in Tripoli."


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